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Jack Smith was a recurring character in Call the Midwife. He was a member of the Fifth Poplar Cups alongside Timothy Turner. He was played by Jake Bailey.


Jack was introduced in S01E02. He was initially quite rude towards the newly arrived Chummy, making fun of her clumsiness and uneasiness in riding her bike. When Jack's pregnant mother Betty went into labour, Chummy was called out, and when Jack saw her coming he screamed "Run for your lives!", and Chummy ended up crashing into a bin. Jack's furious grandmother smacked him on the arm for being disrespectful and said she would not have him giving cheek, especially to the nurse who'd come to help his mother. After Chummy delivered the baby, Jack gained a newfound respect for her, and showed her how to ride her bike properly, in return Chummy bought him a bicycle of his own.

Jack became a member of the fifth poplar cubs alongside Timothy Turner with Chummy being the akela, Jack sometimes helping her control the rowdy boys. Jack was supposed to play a shepherd but grew out of his old dressing gown so was recast as Balthazar. Later on in Series 2 the cubs did a play of Robin Hood for the summer fete with Jack playing the lead while Timothy playing Maid Marion.

During the 2013 Christmas Special, Jack fell ill with polio. It is later confirmed to be a mild dose, so he likely made a full recovery, in the first episode of Series 3 he played the lighthouse in a play about British heroine Grace Darling, he hasn't appeared on the show since.