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Jacob Milligan is a patient appearing in Series Three, Episode Five. He also has a minor part in Series Two, Episode Four. He is portrayed by Colin Young.


Jacob is a young man with cerebral palsy who lives at St. Gideons, an institution for special needs. He falls in love with Sally Harper, a young woman with Down's Syndrome, who also lives at the institution. It is later discovered, with great shock, that Sally is pregnant. She goes on to have a baby, who is sadly born premature and stillborn.

Jacob is chastised by Sally's family and the head of St. Gideons as having abused Sally; although the sex was consensual, the attitudes at the time towards the disabled and their sexuality were still uninformed.


Jacob and Sally

At the end of S03E05, he is moved to St. Mungo's, in Scotland. Sally doesn't get to see him until he is in a car, leaving.