Call the Midwife Wiki

Jane is the girlfriend of Reggie Jackson and his date to the ballroom of hope. She was played by Poppy Barnett.  


Jane is a resident at the Glasshouse Village where she met her boyfriend Reggie and the two became sweet on each other. Reggie was sent back to visit Poplar and he missed Jane when he was gone, he told Fred and Violet about her and he said that she was beautiful, with cheeks the colour of pink ice cream and her favourite flowers were pansies, but Fred didn’t get her surname.  

Violet was worried the relationship was all one sided, that Jane was just someone he’s seen once who gave him the wrong impression or even worse, she was a member of staff taking advantage. So, she called Reggie’s gardening supervisor who explained Jane was a resident and the relationship was in fact real. Fred was very pleased for them but Violet was worried it  wouldn’t last and didn’t want Reggie to be hurt, Fred told her no one could go through life without getting hurt.  

Poplar was hosting a ball to raise money for a maternity home incubator and Reggie attended, Violet had the idea to invite Jane. Violet and Jane arrived in a taxi and Violet led Jane into the institute where she met Reggie who was wearing a pansy on his suit. The two then danced under the mirror ball.  

Jane went unmentioned for several series’ until she was finally mentioned in Series 12 when Fred suggested sending her a postcard, this means the two are still together.