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Jane Sutton came to Nonnatus House in Series 2 as an auxillary nurse. She is portrayed by Dorothy Atkinson.


Jane was previously a patient at St. Gideon's Home, an institution that provides long-term care for children who are disabled or have other health problems. Jane is painfully shy and it is revealed that her parents sent her to St. Gideon's due to her severe anxiety. Eventually, she was able to leave and went on to become an auxillary nurse. Still, however, Jane still struggled to warm up to people and make friends. Upon entering Nonnatus, she is not given a very usual welcome by the nuns. As time went along, she opened up to the other women in Nonnatus, even voicing her opinions and giving ideas at times. 

When Reverend Applebee-Thornton arrived at Nonnatus, his talkative nature filled the silence between him and Jane, who often never spoke due to her shyness. Eventually, he asked her out to a dance, but when a distraught young father picked a fight with some thugs, and the Reverend broke up the quarrel, Jane saw the entire thing and rushed back to Nonnatus. In her room, Jane was shown holding her hands tight over her mouth to muffle her sobs. When the Reverend was to leave again, Jane took a chance and asked him if he'd like to be pen-pals. Until her departure, she and the Reverend still remained in contact.

Jane left by Series 3 possibly to enter training as a registered nurse.