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Jeannie Tennant was a woman who died due to complications from an illegal abortion. She was portrayed by Molly Chesworth.


Jeannie did not have an easy childhood. She and her six siblings were in and out of foster care due to their mother's poor mental health; which Jeannie believed resulted from having so many children. This made her determined that she would work hard to give herself and her family a better life.

When Jeannie is introduced, she is attending Trixie's Keep Fit class. Her life is shown to be very nice. She's happily married to her husband Frank, and is about to move into a new home with her two sons.

While talking to Trixie one day, she starts to drool and explains that it's been happening recently. Trixie tells her that excessive saliva can be a symptom in pregnancy, and tells her to get checked out just to be sure. Doctor Turner later confirms that Jeannie is three months pregnant. She is upset by the news as she did not want any more children, and had been using a diaphragm for some time.

Despite Frank's assurance that they will be fine adding another child to their family, Jeannie remains uneasy. She goes to Dr. Turner in hopes that he will recommend a legal termination, but is turned down since the pregnancy doesn't endanger her life. She later confesses to Trixie that hopes she'll miscarry because she's terrified that she'll end up like mother. After taking money from her and husband's savings, Jeannie is seen going to a shady part of town.

Jeannie comes home to her family sometime later looking visibly ill, but tells her husband it's just a stomach ache. Her condition worsens to the point that Frank calls Dr. Turner for help. After her husband leaves the room to phone an ambulance, Jeannie admits to Dr. Turner that she had and abortion three days prior. She struggles to stay conscious in the ambulance before going into cardiac arrest. Dr. Turner performs CPR, but is unsuccessful at reviving her.

The news of Jeannie's death devastates many people; in particular Dr. Turner and Trixie since they knew how desperate she was to not have the baby. The person who performed Jeannie's abortion is later revealed to be Valerie Dyer's grandmother Elsie.