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Joanne Dellow is the daughter of Blanche Dellow and the older sister of Robert Dellow. She was played by India Lillie Davies.


Joanne was one of four girls, she and her sister Denise were still teenagers and lived with their parents Blanche and Walter but she had two older sisters who had moved out. Her mother to everyone's surprise fell pregnant and it was decided the baby would be adopted by her childless aunt Sylvia. But when the baby was born, he had down’s syndrome and Blanche decided to keep her son that Sylvia didn’t want.  

Joanne and Denise arrived at the maternity home and were instantly besotted with their new brother, loving his little lips and fingers and everything, they also didn’t care about his condition and were excited at being able to take him home.  

Joanne and Denise were told by their mother to get their coats as they went with their father, Fred Buckle and Reggie Jackson on a pram walk with their knew brother where they went to see Violet Buckle at her shop and she admired Joanne and Denises new brother Robert.