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Joel Aidoo is a character in Call the Midwife. He is played by Ekow Quartey.


Joel and Flora Aidoo are a Ghanaian family who have just applied for British citizenship. They have a son, Matthew, who was born when they were still living back home. The couple are now expecting their second child.

Joel worked as a postman, after his daily round his boss Mr Thompson took him aside and told him he had potential for advancement. Joel wondered if he could be considered for the post of training supervisor and while he didn’t say yes he didn’t say no to both Joel and Flora’s excitement. Some of the men from the sorting office asked Joel to try out for their football team, while Joel wasn’t usually the football sort he wanted to join as it made him one of the lads. Everything seemed to be going so well for the Aidoo family. The only problem was Flora’s iron levels being lower than desired so midwife Sister Hilda decided a maternity home birth was best, Joel was confused as the iron tablets were supposed to make Flora better, Sister Hilda unintentionally offends Joel by asking if Flora had been taking them. He snapped that they were educated people, Joel even had a post graduate degree.  

Matthew was not in school for what Joel and Flora expected were growing pains. While Joel was playing football with his friends Flora went into labour and Matthew ran to get his father, who was suffering from pains of his own when playing the game. Sister Hilda and Nurse Franklin arrive at the Aidoo flat, the rather bossy Sister Hilda orders hot water and towels but Trixie asked Joel to get them in a more polite manner. Joel and Matthew waited outside as Flora laboured and gave birth to a baby girl, Joel is thrilled about his daughter but worried about his wife losing blood. Nevertheless Joel and Matthew go to the bedroom and the Aidoo family sit together complete.  

Flora needed to be taken to the maternity home for a transfusion after such a heavy blood loss. Joel and Flora name their daughter Elizabeth Akua, Joel wanted his daughter to be a proper British girl living in London town. Dr Turner ran some tests and found that Flora had a sickness called sickle cell disease, Joel asked if there was a cure but there was none, he also asked if you could die from the disease which Dr Turner explained that sometimes you could. At first Flora was terrified she could have given the disease to her children but was relieved when told that the disease needed to come from both parents, but Joel told her that he was having pains in his legs and arms ever since he came to England, he knew without his wage they could not afford to stay or go home.  

Matthew was tested for sickle cell, meanwhile Joel cries carrying on with his rounds but collapsed in the street when out. He returned to the Aidoo flat in so much pain he could barely speak, Dr Turner was called and decided Joel needed sick leave. Joel refused to take it as he could not risk his job, Dr Turner suggested a less physical job, but Joel knew very few businesses would hire a black man. Dr Turner then had to inform Joel and Flora that Matthew had sickle cell to their horror.  

Joel spoke to his boss and he was offered a less strenuous job in the sorting office, Flora asks if it would be easier to go home to Ghana but Joel says home was where their dreams are, so they would stay. The Aidoo's are last seen together laughing as a family.