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Jonathan “Jonty” Aylward is the only son of Sir Matthew and Fiona Aylward and the stepson of Beatrix, Lady Aylward who delivered him.


Jonathan’s mother Fiona was seen at the private Lady Emily Clinic which Nurse Beatrix Franklin was sent to see if it was a suitable place for the order she works at to ally with. When there she delivers Jonathan and the happy family of Jonathan, Fiona and Matthew leave the clinic happily. Unfortunately the joy would not last as long as everyone hoped, his mother was rushed back into the clinic and Jonathan was looked after by his paternal grandmother Lavinia who always had nannies for Matthew and his brothers. Lavinia took him to Harrods and bought him a sailor suit, Jonathan was later brought into the clinic as his mother missed him so much. Unfortunately, Fiona was diagnosed with leukaemia and died in a short time leaving Jonathan with just his father.

Trixie, the nurse who delivered him and nursed his dying mother was invited to his christening. It was there that she saw how controlling the nanny Matthew hired was, his old childhood nanny. The nanny objected to Matthew giving Jonathan the nickname Jonty, in the end the nanny was sacked and Trixie helped Matthew find another one. She also advised him on feeding and changing nappies, and told him he mustn’t be afraid to go back on conversations he had with Fiona.

Trixie and Jonty’s father became closer and closer until they eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend. At first Jonty accompanied them on their dates to the park but Matthew is advised to get a babysitter and take Trixie out to dinner. Matthew decides to propose to Trixie giving Jonty a stepmother, the pair go to Nonnatus House for Christmas day in which Jonty ate too much chocolate and was sick all over Sister Monica Joan accidentally ruining the proposal. In the end Matthew proposes and Trixie accepts. They begin meeting each other relatives including a meeting with Jonty’s maternal grandparents which Trixie was anxious about. Sadly just months before the wedding Jonty’s paternal grandfather Sir Brigham Aylward dies, his father inherits the baronetcy making Jonty heir to the title.

In the finale Jonty goes to the wedding of his father and his new stepmother making the three of them an official family at last.