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Josie Smith (née Suleman) is a character in Call the Midwife. She is played by Zita Sattar.


Josie was born to a Sylheti father and an Irish mother. Her father ran the shop that is now Violet's Haberdashery.

In the summer of 1960, Nurse Barbara Gilbert had a patient named Ameera Khatun, a Sylheti woman who was heavily pregnant and didn't speak any English, so she needed the help of Ameera's young son Faruk to communicate with her, but when Ameera came to the clinic, Barbara needed to give her an internal examination and couldn't ask Faruk to tell his mother that. Fred Buckle remembered the late owner of the buttons and bows shop and that he had a daughter. After Violet gave her Josie's address, Barbara went to see her and asked if she could help. Josie admitted she hadn't spoken Sylheti since her dad died, but she agreed to come and try to help.

Josie is later seen at the clinic talking with Ameera while Barbara tends to her, and Ameera tells her she thinks she knows the village her father came from. Josie is seen again at the end of the episode as another pregnant Sylheti woman leaves the clinic and she smiles and waves at Ameera who has given birth to a healthy baby girl.