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Joyce Highland (Born Claudine Warren) is a midwife and nurse from Trinidad, and a resident of Nonnatus house. She is portrayed by Renee Bailey.


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In S13E07, Joyce passed her midwifery exams with the highest marks of Nonnatus House. Later in the episode, her cousin Sylvester, comes to visit her from the Caribbean, stating that it has been four years since she has left. However when she leads him to the door, it is revealed that she is his wife.

In S13E08, Sylvester blackmails Joyce by threatening to reveal her true identity to her co-workers, forcing her to give him her wage packet. Rosalind later sees Sylvester holding the wage packet which has O.S.R.N stamped on it and she confronts him about it. He tells her she should ask Joyce. When she does, Joyce admits the truth to Rosalind, Nancy, and Sister Julienne with the latter telling her she's seen cases like hers many times before and that they will help her. When Joyce does not meet up with Sylvester as arranged he rings the doorbell of Nonnatus House. After Joyce opens the door and Sylvester threatens to reveal the truth, Joyce tells him she has already come clean, and says she has told the truth to good people and she slams the door in Sylvester's face. Sister Julienne, Rosalind, and Nancy, who witnessed this, all applaud Joyce.




The truth is mine, and I have told it to good people who will not use it as a weapon.

- Joyce to Sylvester before she slams the front door to Nonnatus House in his face.