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Julie Lilly (née Haig) is an aspiring singer who her manager thinks has potential to reach the top. However. a secret she has may put all her dreams in jeopardy. She was played by Chicago Johnson.


Julie lives with her mother Thelma who was a former patient of Nurse Phyllis Crane who had been dressing her varicose ulcer for nearly three months. She is first seen leaving her house to go with her manager Mr Lewin to go singing. Both Thelma and Phyllis comment that she’s blossomed into a beautiful woman and that she has a good singing voice giving her potential, she is being offered a contract to record a single and has the chance of being on the television.

When Julie was singing in a club she gets an applause but suddenly feels a headache. When she gets home she is in tears and her mother tells her they can’t conceal the fact that she’s pregnant anymore. She wants to try keeping it a secret longer but her mother feels her and she has a temperature. The next day Mr Lewin tells her she has a television audition, so she ends up going to the surgery. Dr Turner and Phyllis work out that Julie is eight months pregnant and when feeling her, Dr Turner suspects she has a nasty water infection and therefore can’t go to her audition.

Her being an unmarried mother would make her unmarketable and would put her singing career to a stop. Her boyfriend, and father of the baby, Jeff was in Westfalen, Germany and had no idea of the baby. According to Julie everything fizzled out and they became more like penfriends. If Jeff and Julie married then it would be a different story and she would be able to have her career but Thelma is adamant her daughters health comes first. Julie is admitted to the maternity home for her infection, Mr Lewin rearranges the audition for the next week but Phyllis puts a stop to that too.

Julie returns home, she is worried she’s missed out so much like classes on motherhood but Phyllis assures her no harm was really done. Julie still thinks she has to be fantastic like she’s had to be fantastic at everything, since her dad ran out on her and only left behind the colour of her skin. Phyllis assures her that her mother gave her enough determination, love and willpower to make up for any deficit of his. Mr Lewin comes into the consultation and tells her of the plans her has for when the baby is born like a residential nursery but Phyllis kicks him out.

The baby’s father Jeff turns up at the doorstep when being told about the baby, he rushes up to her room and proposes with a garnet ring, her birthstone, he was going to get her a diamond ring but he thought it would be unlucky as it was the April birthstone. She is also surprised to find out he left the army going AWOL (absent without leave). He wants to do the decent thing, the implication being he had to suffer the stigma of being born illegitimate like Julie had to suffer the stigma of being mixed race. She accepts his proposal.

Julie goes into labour just after the wedding and runs into the maternity home in her wedding dress. She is taken to the delivery room and is worried her baby being premature would cause problems. Her midwives Phyllis and Nurse Lucille Robinson get her some gas and she gives birth to a baby girl. Julie names her daughter Nicola Samantha, the baby however shows signs of an infection and is taken to hospital. Julie is devastated and Phyllis may have to ask for a sedative, Julie decides she doesn’t want to go ahead with her singing contract stating her contract is with her daughter. Just then two men from the army call and take Jeff with them in handcuffs, (he may face a short term of imprisonment and/or forfeit a portion of his pay).

After that Julie gets her recording contract and gladly rips it up with her mother looking a little bit disappointed as she did it. Thelma and Julie go to the hospital to see Nicola, Julie thinks of the songs she’s going to sing her, Thelma says she wanted more for her. But Julie says Thelma gave her everything and she would give her own daughter everything.