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June Dyer is the mother of nurse Valerie Dyer who proudly sees her off to her new job at Nonnatus House. She was played by Sarah Winman.


June lives in Poplar with her very, very large extended family which was likely there for generations. At some point she married a man called Dyer and gave birth to three daughters, the middle daughter was Valerie, born in the middle of a blizzard, he midwives who attended to her were nuns Sister Evangelina and Sister Monica Joan.

June raised her three daughters who grew up and left home, her middle daughter Valerie became an army nurse but was kicked out after the accidental death of a boy, which wasn’t her fault but she was still blamed so she left the army and returned to Poplar. She helped out at her aunt Flo’s pub and caught the eye of the Nonnatus nurses after a dock explosion, she was hired by them soon after.

June walked with Valerie to Nonnatus House, her new home and place of work and gave her some biscuits which Valerie complained were broken apart but June shrugged that they all go down the same way (the biscuits were a success). June is not seen again after that point but it is likely she was still around in Poplar and just didn’t appear onscreen. Her mother in law Elsie was found to be running a backstreet abortion business and was put on trial and sentenced to six years in prison.

Elsie only served one of those years as she became terminally ill with cancer of the oesophagus and was sent home to die. After the death of Elsie her daughter Valerie left Poplar to go and work in South Africa at Hope Clinic.