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Kate Williams

Kate Williams is an English actress who played the role of Ivy Jackson in S06E05.


Kate Williams is perhaps best known for her role as Joan Booth in the controversial 70's sitcom Love Thy Neighbour (1972 - 1976) about a white couple living next door to a West Indian couple. The show derived much of it's humour from the racial tension between the two husbands, though their differing political views don't exactly help matters, and their wives can only watch from the side-lines as their respective spouses constantly clash with each other. The show also spawned a feature film released in 1973.

Since then she has appeared in a number of other shows like Eastenders (which reunited her with her Love Thy Neighbour co-star Rudolph Walker), and played also the role of Auntie Vera in three episodes of the long-running sitcom Birds of a Feather.