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Kathleen Flanagan (Previously Sister Agnes Mary C.R.C.R.O) is a former Irish Catholic nun whom Nancy Corrigan met as a child. She was portrayed by Mary Larkin.


Sister Agnes Mary (as Kathleen was then known) first met Nancy at the order’s branch house in Cork, alongside her mother, Aileen who had succumbed to her family’s tubercular disease and was going to die soon, holding Nancy’s hand very, very tightly she asked to see where Nancy would sleep and eat and if the nuns would love her.

Years later Nancy and Sister Agnes Mary met briefly at Fatima Lodge, the order’s London Branch, whilst Nancy was doing her midwifery training and would be leaving for Nonnatus House soon. It was then at point that Sister Agnes Mary resigned as a nun reverting to her birth name, Kathleen and moved to a Nursing home (since she is now seriously ill) not far from Poplar.

Nancy and Kathleen meet for the last at the nursing home where Nancy and Miss Higgins are curious to know what happened to Nancy’s mother, who had died twenty-one years prior. Upon meeting her Kathleen reveals to her that her mother had held her hand very, very tightly and that she had died of tuberculosis, she speaks fondly of Nancy’s mother, never once using any cynical or sarcastic language, which could easily be taken offence of, unlike the other elderly nuns of her former order.

She finishes by asking Nancy if she made a good life, Nancy tells her she is a nurse and has the most beautiful little girl, Nancy and Miss Higgins then leave soon after, Miss Flanagan most likely died sometime after the events of series 13 episode 4, but her true fate has yet to be revealed.