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Dr. Kevin McNulty appears as a resident training under Dr. Turner during series 9. He is played by Lee Armstrong.


A junior doctor from a humble background. He is conscientious and studious, and has had to work hard to get where he is. Kevin is mainly shadowing Nurse Val Dyer. Having impressed Dr Turner, he has been invited back to work at the GP’s surgery.


Pre series[]

Kevin was born the son of a bicycle shop owner and spent his childhood in Coventry, he had at least one uncle who was a coal miner in a local village. Kevin enjoyed going into the village as he considered it the countryside, when he was ten his uncle began coughing relentlessly causing everyone to think he had TB. The disease however turned out to be one known as histoplasmosis contracted from pigeons. At some point he decided to go into medicine and despite his unusual working class background be starting training as a doctor. During his training he came across fellow doctor in training Benedict Walters son of well known doctor Sir Howard Walters who quite literally wrote the book on obstetrics. Kevin had to work hard and read everything while the upper class Benedict came top of the class without picking up a single book. At another point in his training he injured his shoulder causing a reliance of pethidine.

Series 9[]

Kevin arrives at Nonnatus House alongside Benedict and two other trainee doctors, they receive a lukewarm response from everyone other than Sister Monica Joan who admires Kevin's scholarly ways. Kevin mostly shadows Valerie Dyer on the district rounds and the two warm to each other in part to their similar struggles having both had to drag themselves up to jobs not usually given to people of their background. When talking about George Benson a man who owns pigeons befriended by Frederick Buckle suspected of having TB. Kevin notices the similar symptoms displayed by his uncle, thanks to that Kevin is able to give George a chance to survive. Kevin and Valerie later deliver a baby as a team and there is a hint of romantic attraction. Kevin and the others leave Nonnatus to resume their training.

A few months later Kevin returns to Poplar as a fully fledged doctor to work. He moves into Nonnatus House as the lodgings he secured were condemned much like half of Poplar at the time. Despite some reservations from his patients due to his young age he proves to be a good doctor and begins finding his feet, one of his first big tragedies as a doctor comes when the baby known as Warren of Valeries cousin is diagnosed with congenital rubella and is given weeks to live. After visiting the family Patrick Turner assures him that the sigh of despair gets easier to hide with time, the death of baby Warren would remain with him but he still marches on as a doctor and becomes friendly with Sister Frances. Dr Turner advises him to take an interest in the lives of patients rather than just handing out pills. He tries this with expectant mother Yvonne Smith whose husband is a drunken bully, while she trusts him at first but she revokes that trust after a disastrous episiotomy accusing him of just being a scared little boy. Kevin reveals his pethidine troubles to Dr Turner who says he should try to get the shoulder pain sorted out. Soon enough the pain becomes more psychological as he thinks about all the patients he couldn't make better such as baby Warren and a meth drinker who was found dead at the men's shelter. Soon his addiction becomes so bad he begins stealing from the store cupboards to deal with his addiction and injecting it into him. Before this extends to harm being brought to patients he collapses, because of what he did he is forced to leave Poplar in shame and breach of trust. But Dr Turner assures him that he was broken himself and that he can make himself a better doctor in the end.