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The Lady Emily clinic is a upmarket, private clinic located in Mayfair, London run by a Mr Herbert Scarisbrick, at first the place looks like an ideal clinic but it has a secret.

Events of Series 10 Episode 1[]

Sister Julienne reveals to Sister Hilda her plans for the order to supply midwives to the private clinic, the clinic would pay handsomely meaning they could use the money to keep their work in Poplar. Head of the order Mother Mildred was adamant no nun would go until due diligence was seen to so Sister Julienne asked Trixie Franklin to accept secondment for a time to see if the clinic was acceptable. Phyllis Crane comments the clinic must have money to burn sending her new frilly uniform in cab. When Trixie arrives at the clinic she meets Mr Scarisbrick the suave doctor, one of her first patients is Fiona Aylward who Trixie strikes a rapport with. While Trixie is impressed with the clinic and likes Mr Scarisbrick she can’t help but notice he forgets his patients are women and doesn’t encourage them to trust themselves. She then suggests letting his midwives in more would give the mothers more confident and gets control of Fiona Aylward's case. Trixie then delivers a baby boy for Fiona and her husband Matthew attends the birth.

Events of Series 10 Episode 2[]

Everything seems all set in motion for the midwives and nuns for the expansion of the orders mission. One day Fiona Aylward was readmitted to the clinic after she seemed to have a fever, however when she develops a nasty rash Mr Scarisbrick decides to arrange a bone marrow, and while no one outright mentions it they fear she has cancer. Trixie takes a note of the amount of D&C procedures the clinic does and asks to observe in theatre. It turns out Mr Scarisbrick is charging for abortions, which regardless of views were illegal in 1966 and Trixie is adamant Sister Julienne will not want to associate with a clinic breaking the law. She is right and Sister Julienne terminates the partnership and Trixie works a week of notice. This gives her the time to see the Fiona Aylward case out where she is diagnosed with leukaemia and dies with Matthew at her bedside. After that Nonnatus House had no contact with the Lady Emily.

Events after Series 10[]

The Lady Emily remained open as of 1969, after a situation where Trixie who was now married to Matthew was almost held at gunpoint during a delivery in Poplar he suggested she just go back to work at the Lady Emily. He cited it was a private clinic, safe and she'd have a shorter commute but her work was in Poplar and she didn't want to give that up.




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