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Lavinia, Lady Aylward is the mother of Matthew Aylward and the grandmother of Jonty Aylward.  


Lavinia is the wife of Sir Brigham Aylward, a baronet, as she is married to a baronet she is entitled to call herself Lady Aylward. The Aylward family had a tiara though Lavinia hardly ever wore it, the last time being the coronation in 1953. She had at least three sons and common for families of her background chose to have them primarily raised by nannies and sent off to boarding schools. According to Matthew, Lavinia gave her life to charitable causes like the meals on wheels service. Her eldest son Matthew married Fiona Aylward and in 1966 the pair where expecting a baby, the baby was a boy whom they called Jonathan.  

Unfortunately, Lavinia’s daughter in law was taken ill a short while after having Jonathan. Lavinia agreed to look after baby Jonathan while Fiona was unwell, though according to Fiona Lavinia scarcely knew one end of the baby from the other. She took her grandson to Harrods and bought him a sailor suit which Matthew worried would make him look like Popeye, Matthew suspected Lavinia was trying to relive his babyhood, Matthew wanted to raise his son in a different manner to the way Lavinia had done it. Unfortunately, her daughter in law was diagnosed with leukaemia and died a short while later.

Lavinia wanted to help her son and so recommended hiring the nanny she used for Matthew and his brothers, the arrangement turned out poorly and the nanny was sacked. Matthew was expecting his first Christmas without his wife and was dreading Lavinia’s bread sauce and expected she would try to get him to drink sherry, white wine and claret.  

Her son became closer with friend Trixie Franklin, and he proposed to her at Christmas 1967 and she accepted. It was around this time that Lavinia’s husband Brigham began suffering from ill health and she sold the family tiara to take him on a cruise so he could try to regain his health though it did little good. Brigham was sent to hospital but was discharged him not expecting to get any better. Despite being unwell it was a shock when Brigham dropped dead suddenly in his sons flat with only his soon to be daughter in law with him. Trixie called on Lavinia to give her the news, according to Trixie in the time after the loss of her husband Lavinia was taking things one day at a time.  

In the months after her sons wedding he managed the family business, but Matthew ended up bringing the company into extreme debt to the point only the reserves and a personal donation by Lavinia kept the company afloat. Lavinia sat in on a meeting and told her son he was to be kicked off the board and his salary stopped something Lavinia found very trying, after the end of the meeting her son apologised for getting the company into debt but Lavinia would rather the whole thing be undiscussed. Matthew wished he could turn back time but Lavinia said he had always been lovely and kind-hearted, she was just sorry she had paid a high price for that in the business.