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Lena Tremblay was an expectant mother who appeared in the 2018 Christmas Episode. She was played by Christy Sullivan.


Lena had a younger brother named Billy who was born with a clubfoot. She was seven or eight when she lost both of her parents, and was then sent to the orphanage adjoining the Mother House of the Order of St. Raymond Nonnatus, but Billy wasn't sent with her because of his foot. Lena recalled having one big tooth and one baby tooth at the front, and that the nun who met her at the orphanage warned her to watch who she smiled at or she might not get picked. Lena was later sent to Australia on the children's farm school scheme which was meant to give children a better chance in life, but Lena was put to work on a farm and treated very badly; by her own account, she couldn't do anything right, and they would hit her every time she messed up.

When Lena grew up, she married an older man. When her husband died, Lena, now pregnant, used the small amount of money she was left to pay for a passage home. When Lena arrived back in England, she went to her old orphanage seeking help, but she got scared and ran away before Sister Winifred managed to calm her down and brought her in to see Sister Julienne and she told her story. Shelagh persuaded the heavily pregnant Lena to spend the night there. Soon after, Lena went into labour, and with the help of Sister Julienne and Shelagh, she gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named Billy after her brother.

A couple of days later, Sister Julienne comes to Lena and tells her she has a visitor, and it turns out to be her brother Billy. Billy tells Lena he's made a good life for himself; he was good at his arithmetic, got a job down the weights and measures, and he married a girl from the typing pool. Lena begins to cry, and she and Billy embrace, reunited at last.


  • Lena's surname is never mentioned in the episode she appears in, but is revealed in the end credits to be Tremblay.


I don't care what it is. Once its here I'll have flesh and blood again. Its been such a long time since I've had flesh and blood in this world.

- Lena whilst in labour

I took a picture of you with my mind. But the window of the bus was so dirty.

- Lena reuniting with her brother.