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Lesley Whyte (née Hindman) appeared in two episodes of Call the Midwife. She is played by Jordon Stevens.


We first see Lesley, pregnant with her first child, in S08E01, watching a group of models, including her sister, Cath, showing off the latest fashions. After the show, the two sisters walk home. When Lesley goes into labour, Cath leads Lucille Anderson to her bedroom to help her, and Lesley tells Lucille that Cath has a bad belly from something she ate up west, and the midwife tells Cath to sit on the sofa. Lesley's husband, Ned, returns from work early and when he sits behind his wife while she labours, holding the gas mask over her face. Eventually, Lesley gives birth to a baby boy. The next day, Lucille comes round again with Sister Frances to check on Lesley the baby, and as they go to the bedroom, Cath bends over the kitchen counter clearly in some kind of discomfort.

Later, the two sisters are in the kitchen when they hear the sound of a ship's horn in the distance. Lesley says it reminds her of when their dad worked on the tugboats when they were kids. Suddenly, Cath vomits in the sink, and Lesley says "I thought you said you were feeling better". Cath turns to her sister and says she's not going to be better until something comes away down below. Lesley asks her what she means, and Cath reveals she had an abortion two days before and is scared it hasn't worked. Lesley tells Cath she needs to go to hospital, but Cath says she can't because they'll get the police involved (abortion was illegal in the United Kingdom in most circumstances at the time). Lesley leaves the baby with Ned and takes Cath to Nonnatus House. Valerie Dyer and Sister Frances take Cath and Lesley up to the bathroom where Cath passes the foetus into a clinical bowl. Afterwards, Sister Frances tells Sister Julienne what's happened, and she rushes to the bathroom where Valerie says Cath is showing signs of a nasty infection. Sister Julienne calls for an ambulance and accompanies Cath to the hospital whilst Lucille takes Lesley home.

The next day, Lesley visits Cath in hospital, and Cath says they had to take her womb out because of the infection. Tearfully, Cath admits that she did want to have a baby one day. She even wanted that one for a minute, until she thought of all the reasons why she couldn't. Lesley goes to the police, but Sergeant Woolf tells her that unless Cath reveals the name or the address of the practitioner, no action can be taken. Lesley later finds Cath up and dressed and discharging herself from the hospital, and she says once she's better, she's moving up west.

The person who performed Cath's abortion is eventually revealed to be Valerie's grandmother, Elsie Dyer, who is arrested after Valerie and Beatrix Franklin report her. Elsie pleads not guilty and is put on trial. Sister Frances and Sister Monica Joan visit Lesley, who explains Cath went to live up west and she hasn't seen her since, because Cath told her she sees that bathroom whenever she sees her face. The two nuns manage to track her down and persuade her to give evidence against Elsie. When Cath arrives at court accompanied by her sister, she tells Valerie, "Too much has gone on behind closed doors. I thought I wanted it left there. But when the Sisters came to see me, I realized that other people want more". Cath tells the court of her ordeal, and how she still lives with the consequences of her decision to have the abortion. After Cath finishes giving her evidence, the judge declares no other witnesses will be called, and Trixie rushes out to tell Valerie that she doesn't have to testify. Elsie then changes her plea to guilty, and is sentenced to six years in prison.