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Lionel Corbett was a minor character in Series 11. He was played by Marc Elliot.


Lionel Corbett came to Poplar from India to work on the railways in order to prepare a life there for his wife Edina and daughter Roberta (also called Bobbie). In 1967, the couple were expecting their second child when Lionel began experiencing blinding headaches. Edina blamed the headaches on his glasses and told him she was going to make him an appointment with the optician. Unfortunately, a tragic turn of events would change everything.


Unfortunately, while Lionel was driving the train back home his eyes started to hurt and he began to seize as he was driving the train. Since he was seizing the train eventually collided with another train. As a result, a lot of people were injured both inside the train and near the train tracks and five people died including him.

Furthermore, after Lionel death his wife and daughter were treated very badly by the town. Their were many who thought Lionel hadn't been doing his job. Unfortunately, a investigation was opened up and his wife had to go to a inquest.