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Lois Parry was a young woman who comes to the cervical cancer screening as she's yet to have a period, and is later diagnosed with testicular feminization syndrome. She was played by Holly Freeman.


Lois was born in Poplar with Sister Monica Joan as the midwife, and has a younger sister named Nancy. Her father is also deceased. She goes to a cervical cancer screening after her mother received an invitation in the mail. While nurse Trixie assures she's not at risk at the moment, Lois insists she be tested anyway as she's engaged and wants to be checked out before the wedding in a month. After Trixie tells her their contraception clinic is available for soon to-be married women, she confesses that she's never menstruated in her life.

Dr. Turner performs an internal exam on Lois; discovering she has a very short vagina and no identifiable cervix. He gives a quick referral to St. Cuthbert's for further diagnosis. She's tells Trixie that she knew something was wrong given how her lack of periods, but lied to her her friends and mother about having them. Trixie encourages that Lois tell her mother so that way she can have more support, but she refuses. She later meets her fiancé Paul, and says that her check-up went well.

Lois takes the morning off of work for a follow-up appointment at St. Cuthbert's, but lies to her mother and says she's going to order her wedding cake. Dr. Kenely examines her with a group of all-male medical students watching. She tearfully recounts her traumatic experience to Trixie and Shelagh, and the women assure her that they'll get to the bottom of things. Dr. Turner reveals to Lois that she has a rare condition where she is physically female but genetically male; thereby making her unable to have children.

The news of her condition causes Lois to suffer a nervous breakdown. She ends her relationship with Paul, destroys her wedding dress, and attempts suicide by taking an overdose of pills. Lois survives after getting her stomach pumped, and her mother assures her that she will be there for her. She later reconciles with Paul after he tells her that he loves her and wants to spend his life with her.