Lucille Anderson is the newest nurse at Nonnatus House.

Overview Edit

Lucille Anderson makes her first appearance in the first episode of Series Seven. She is originally from Jamaica and reveals to Sister Monica Joan that she worked as a librarian before she moved into nursing.

In the second episode of Series Seven, Lucille helps a mother give birth to a boy, but when the girl suffers a stroke, her mother blames Lucille's West Indian background and says it wouldn't have happened if her daughter had had "a proper English midwife". Lucille is hurt by the woman's prejudiced accusations, but then colleague Valerie Dyer shares her own personal experience with bullying with her, telling Lucille of her background as an army nurse and how her efforts were rarely appreciated if ever, an encourages Lucille to stand up for herself.

In Series Eight, Lucille begins a relationship with a mechanic named Cyril.

Trivia Edit

  • Lucille is the series' first midwife of colour
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