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Lucille Priscilla Robinson (née Anderson) is a nurse originally from Jamaica, becoming the first West Indian nurse at Nonnatus House as a replacement for Delia Busby. Since then she has gained a reputation as a talented, level-headed midwife with a sense of humour and a kind heart.


In the early 1960s, the National Health Service was struggling and in need of outside help. A number of young women came over to England from the Commonwealth to train as nurses; one of those women was Lucille Anderson, a former librarian from Jamaica.


Series 7[]

Lucille Anderson makes her first appearance in the first episode of Series Seven. Prior to moving to England to train as a nurse, she was a librarian in Jamaica. After completing her training in Taunton, Lucille took a train to London. She arrived in Poplar during the big freeze of 1963, and the bad weather disrupted her journey. She later told Valerie Dyer and Trixie Franklin that her train was stuck in a siding for fourteen hours, and she suggested to the guard they all just get out and walk. It took her two days to reach her destination.

As she approaches Nonnatus House, Lucille trips and falls over. Getting back to her feet, Lucille limps up to Nonnatus House and knocks on the front door. She is let in by Valerie Dyer, who tends to Lucille's knee wound, and she and Trixie put Lucille to bed. The next morning, Lucille meets the rest of the team, but she collapses before she can start work. Dr Turner is called round, and he diagnoses her with a bladder infection and advises her to rest for a week. She later tells Sister Monica Joan that she was a little unwell when she set off for London and the journey made matters worse. However when unfortunate circumstances means that all staff are taken up, she is awoken from her confinement and helps Trixie deliver a baby.

In the second episode of Series Seven, Lucille helps a mother give birth to a boy, but when the girl suffers a stroke, her mother blames Lucille's West Indian background and says it wouldn't have happened if her daughter had had "a proper English midwife". Lucille is hurt by the woman's prejudiced accusations, but then colleague Valerie Dyer shares her own personal experience with bullying with her, telling Lucille of her background as an army nurse and how her efforts were rarely appreciated if ever, an encourages Lucille to stand up for herself.

Series 8[]

In Series Eight, Lucille begins a relationship with a mechanic named Cyril.

Series 9[]

Lucille continues her relationship with Cyril, and the two of them give moral support to Valerie when her grandmother, a backstreet abortionist, is diagnosed with terminal cancer and released from prison to spend her last days at home.

Series 10[]

Lucille gets a new hairdo which she hates. Trixie offers to sort it out with Valerie's things, but they're gone. Sister Julienne tells them that Valerie has left Nonnatus House to go work at the Hope Clinic in South Africa. Lucille is saddened that Valerie left without any warning, and Cyril tells her Valerie probably didn't want to cause any pain by saying goodbye.

In S10E04, Cyril proposes to Lucille and she accepts.

Series 11[]

Lucille and Cyril get married in the 2021 Christmas Special. The wedding almost didn't happen due to Lucille getting a black eye that swole shut as a result of falling over at her hen night (Sister Hilda had filled the punch bowl with rum). Dr. Turner treated her bad eye with some leeches, and Lucille recovered in time for her and Cyril's wedding.

Lucille and Cyril adjust easily to their married lives and are happy where they are living, but they still make plans to buy a house of their own by saving up. In S11 E04 Cyril applies for a civil engineering job but it turned down due to “lack of experience” though they both know no one will hire him based solely on the colour of his skin. Lucille begins to suspect that she is pregnant and Phyllis Crane offers to get her tested. The tests come back positive and Lucille decides to tell Cyril who is very excited to be a father, they then decide that the home they currently have is more than good enough to raise a family. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes in the next episode when Lucille suffers a miscarriage.

Lucille gets back to work rather quickly, she decides she needs to be strong and is sent to the maternity home with Shelagh Turner. Shelagh while she doesn’t want to pry thinks that Lucille has got back to work too soon, she convinces Sister Julienne to move her to district practice which would be helpful as Dr Turner is planning a measles vaccination program. Lucille and Cyril at first don’t talk about their loss, when Lucille is working on the vaccination a mother decides she doesn’t want her child vaccinated as she considers it only measles but she tells her 100 children die of measles and about the pain of losing a child. After that she decides she and Cyril need to talk about their loss and that they’ll be stronger together.

Lucille and Cyril seem to be on the path of healing, but another tragedy emerges when three of their colleagues, Nancy, Sister Julienne and Patrick are involved in a train crash and explosion. The pair where holding their church at that time and it shattered the windows of it, Mrs Wallace was the last out as she stayed because of glass getting into her eye. Lucille suggests the clinical room at Nonnatus House for those injured and most of the team including the Buckles, Miss Higgins and Sister Monica Joan regroup. They then realise the danger their colleagues are in and fear for their lives. Lucille and all her colleagues do all they can to help the injured, soon enough Nonnatus House becomes a bloody mess all around. She and Cyril are put up in the room she once shared with Phyllis who was on her last week of leave in Rye but she is summoned back to help and she soon puts everything back in order. Everything is put right when Dr Turner and Sister Julienne survive the accident with only broken bones that will heal, and the windows of their home are fixed up.

Series 12[]

In the 2022 Christmas special Lucille and Cyril are coming up to their one-year anniversary and say that snow at Christmas will always remind them of it. In S12 E01 Lucille and Cyril still hope to become parents and unlike the last time are consciously trying, however Lucille once again gets her period. Lucille and Cyril get pictures from Lucille’s sister Celine’s wedding to a man called Edwin who she never met, and Celine never met her husband. They hadn’t seen each other since she left Jamaica years before, this makes Lucille depressed, and she wishes for home. She has Cyril call in sick so she wouldn’t have to work, Phyllis understands and assures her she has a home in Britain now and people who love her. However, the problems Lucille and Cyril face in England get far worse when MP Enoch Powell makes his “Rivers of Blood speech”, a speech criticizing the mass immigration occurring in Britain which caused riots in the street in support of Powell. Lucille is called to the maternity home to deliver the baby of Greta Pickard who is on her fifth baby and wants to be taken to the delivery room but on the way there first-time mother Zoya Patel is rushed in and Greta must deliver on the ward. She is angry about this and makes racist and anti-immigration comments causing Lucille to storm out for the first time ever and new nun Sister Veronica takes the delivery. By the end of the episode Lucille’s sadness and depression have not been resolved.

In S12 E02 Lucille is still very depressed, she tries to spend her time focusing on her patients, particularly into the care of an elderly man called Tommy Woodleigh who lives alone in Poplar as he refuses to leave like the rest of his large family. He is becoming blind due to macular degeneration and suddenly can’t see at all in one eye and needs to be taken to hospital. Other than her patients she is still sad all the time and longing for her home, Cyril arranges a phone call to Jamaica which makes her feel much better until her sister Celine reveals she is pregnant so soon after her wedding. Lucille spends a lot of time in bed, her friend Phyllis tries to get woman from her church Mrs Wallace to find solace in her faith but it doesn’t work. When Lucille goes to visit her patient Tommy in the hospital where his granddaughter asks her to hold her baby, this makes Lucille’s eyes water. Lucille feels so bad she contemplates stepping in front of a moving vehicle but she doesn’t. She goes to bed and she and Cyril reminisce about when they first met and their first date. She goes to see Dr Turner as a patient, he diagnoses her as having a nervous breakdown. Cyril decides to take money out of their house savings for a one person trip to Jamaica. While the rest of Poplar is enjoying the may pole dance outside Nonnatus House Cyril takes Lucille to the airport in a motorbike just like the one he did on their first date.

After Cyril was injured when trying to restrain a mentally ill man and was discharged from hospital Violet Buckle arranged an international phone call. Cyril excitedly asked asked Celine to speak to Lucille who told him she was at work. It turns out Lucille took a job at a hospital to pay her way at her parents house and was asked to stay on for a full six months. Cyril flies out to Jamaica to try to work things out but returns without her, Violet tries to assure him their marriage might become all the stronger from the separation but Cyril is still unsure as to whether they could survive it.


Lucille is deeply religious as seen on her first night at Nonnatus House when, after being put to bed by Trixie and Valerie, she climbed out of bed to pray.




I am a midwife. I'm Nurse Anderson. Lucille Anderson. And I just fell over.

- Her first words on arriving at Nonnatus House, S07E01.

My mother sent me the money for these fleece-lined boots the very first winter I was in Taunton. They stayed in their box until this year.

- To Valerie Dyer while she tends to her knee wound, S07E01

You stop this right now! This is a clinic, not a fish-market. And you are talking to a uniformed professional who is entitled to respect.

- To Valerie's cousin Maureen who is is chastising Valerie for reporting their abortionist grandmother to the police, S08E08.

I have given the Holy Spirit every chance. I have given Him the chance to make me feel welcome in this country. I have given Him the chance to put a child inside my body. I have given Him opportunity after opportunity, and either He has failed me or I have failed in His grace.

-To Cyril and Mrs. Wallace on how homesick she feels during her nervous breakdown, S12E02.