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Madame Edith is the aunt of Valerie Dyer who ran a dancing school for a long time but moved to Frinton and her school was sold to Nadine Mulvaney.  


Madame Edith ran a dancing school and had been running it for a long time first off at the British Legion Hall, Nadine Mulvaney went to her dancing classes and said Madame Edith was the first to make her feel like she was good at something. It is possible she also had her classes at the Parish Hall as in Series 1 Trixie Franklin mentioned the dancing class of a Madame Enid, it is unknown if these are different people or Trixie just got the name wrong. The school moved to the Iris Knight Institute before Series 7.

Madame Edith was known as Auntie Edie to Valerie Dyer her niece, Valerie seemed to be related to most people in Poplar and it is unknown their exact relation to each other. Though Madame Edith obviously trusted Valerie as in Series 7 she decided to retire to Frinton and sell the dancing school to buy a bungalow and had Valerie teach toddler tap and baby ballet until the school was sold, it was sold to her former pupil Nadine Mulvaney and the school is mentioned time to time in the Series after that.