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Margaret Lombardi is an expectant mother with two sons, she is shocked to be discovering she is expecting twins and doesn’t find her husband Clark much of a support.


Margaret is first seen at the Iris Knight Institute doing a urine sample, her husband Clark is there too and her boys needed the toilet. But her son Kenny didn’t make it in time soaking his trousers and Clark was quite out of his depth with dealing with the situation, he says he loves them but could swing for them. She says she could say the same about him. According to Miss Higgins she is seen as one of their star patients, she has the distinction of having her twins located in utero, as Dr Turner and the midwives usually miss them causing some slight chagrin in Shelagh Turner.

According to Margaret she didn’t want any more children than two, not did Clark and they would be doubling their child count in one go and Clark is no help with the children. Not wiping their noses never mind their backsides in her words, as if when he realises they’re people and not toys he is frightened. She also admits to getting little rest at home, not even sitting up with her Haemorrhoids or rather piles.

She is booked into the maternity home to help with her piles, her husband Clark leaves the children with his mother, bringing her a custard slice. In the day, just as Shelagh Turner was about to go through family allowance forms her water breaks. When examining her Shelagh thinks she feels a third head or bottom, when Beatrix Franklin examines her, she confirms it’s a duo.

When taken to the delivery room Nurse Phyllis Crane and Nurse Franklin are ready to deliver her babies, Clark comes with a cream horn but she dismisses him being there, but Nurse Franklin does go to get the cream horn and promises to make sure she gets it. Margaret safely delivers a baby girl; the next part of labour is more complicated and hectic. Baby two is breech, something common in twins and she is moved to the birthing chair. Dr Turner comes in; an exhausted Margaret gives birth to another little girl who after a brief delay begins crying.

Dr Turners little girls burst into the delivery room laughing prompting a stern telling off from their mother. Just as it seems she is done Phyllis Crane hears a third heartbeat, after hearing that she wails in horror. The third baby was undetected because it shifted to lie behind the others and it’s shifted again now that it has the room, it was also transverse. She complains she can’t do it again but she has the support of Nurse Crane, Nurse Franklin, Dr Turner and Nurse Turner who comes in to help.

The heartrate it very rapid, the obstetrics flying squad is called over. Dr Turner readies the forceps, the baby begins to turn round. She pushes as Dr Turner pulls her baby into the world bringing a third girl into who world. The baby doesn’t take it’s first breathe, after a tense minute and Nurses Franklin and Turner trying to revive the baby it finally cries, the obstetrics squad arrives and every breathes a sigh of relief. But Margaret can’t hold her weak third daughter who is taken to St Cuthberts.

Trixie agrees to give Clark the news at The Black Sail, Margaret jokes she might have to take the gas and air. Clark decides to go to his daughter at the hospital, where he becomes besotted and says she has brothers and sisters and a really brave mother, almost as brave as her. When the third triplet is released from the hospital Clark is the first to greet her and the family take a photo to mark their new beginning as a family of seven.