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Marianne Turner (née Parker) is the late first wife of Patrick Turner and the mother of Timothy Turner who died about a year prior to the events of the series.


Marianne is rarely mentioned on the show however she is mentioned occasionally. She was married to Patrick Turner and they had one son Timothy, this son was delivered by Sister Evangelina who said she could still remember Patrick putting him in his mothers arms and her saying “I want you always to be loved”. When Timothy was a little boy, Marianne died from cancer in late 1956 or early 1957, before she died she made Patrick promise her he'd always keep Timothy safe.

Marianne was survived by her husband and son as well as her mother who is called Granny Parker by her grandson, Granny Parker said Patrick used to just sit in his car after Marianne died like a sheepdog without his sheep. Patrick went on to remarry Shelagh Mannion who Timothy approves of, however he still misses his mother as shown when he developed a picture of him with his parents when he was a toddler but is comforted by the knowledge that Shelagh loves him fulfilling Marianne's wish of him always being loved and Marianne’s mother remains in the lives of the turner family. Patrick and Timothy still remember Marianne.