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Ms. Marigold Nyall is a former patient of the Linchmere and a resident of Poplar. After two skeletal babies are found inside of an abandoned building, the reasons for her time at the Linchmere are revealed.

She was portrayed by Rebecca Johnson.


Phyllis Crane arrives outside the home of the Nyalls, she knocks on the door and Marigold introduces herself, Phyllis steps inside her home and is surprised by how elegant it is, Marigold tells her it is sufficient for their wants and needs, despite the fact that Poplar isn't entirely what it is. Just then a voice comes from the other room, which we learn belongs to her mother, Bertha, who is living with her due to dementia.

Later Lucille Robinson arrives with supplies for them and is greeted by Mrs Nyall, but Marigold appears at that moment and tells her mother to go back inside, Lucille tells her that she has brought sanitary pads, Marigold tells some awareness would’ve been appreciated but thank you.

After a skeletal baby is discovered under the floor boards of an abandoned building, Doctor Turner sends Detective Sergeant Virginia Barrow around to the Nyall residence, where she is greeted by Phyllis Crane, who leads her to the Nyalls, at first Marigold denies knowing anything about the baby but reveals that there are two babies.

Marigold owns up to owning both babies (she told Phyllis and Virginia earlier they were her mother’s babies) after it is revealed that her mother had a hysterectomy following Marigold’s birth.