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Maureen Bryant is the cousin of Valerie Dyer. She is first shown to be abrasive and spiteful, but another side to her is shown when her youngest baby is born with congenital rubella. Underneath she is a woman who cares for her family more than anything. She was portrayed by Juliet Oldfield.


Pre Series[]

Maureen was born into the east end of London, this meant she had family all around her. Her father and grandfather shared a birthday. Unfortunately, her youth was blighted by the second world war, the east end was ravaged by the blitz to the point the rubble was still piled up nearly two decades later. She and her cousin Valerie as well as all their other relatives would pile into the air raid shelter all together. When she grew up, she married Charlie Bryant and had two children, Gary and Maxine.

Series 8[]

Maureen is given a very minor role in Series 8, her great aunt Elsie had been arrested for doing backstreet abortions and her cousin Valerie had made a statement to the police. She went to confront Valerie and accused her of getting above herself and began shouting at her and mocking her, telling her blood is thicker than water. This ended when Lucille Anderson came in and kicked her out.

Series 9[]

In Series 9 Maureen went to confront Valerie outside Nonnatus House again and accuses her of forgetting who her family is, this time she affirms that she is not ashamed of what Elsie did and even went to visit her with Aunt Flo which is more than Valerie did. Valerie is worried Elsie blames her but Maureen says she just misses her and they begin thinking of the old days in the war. She later bursts into the surgery, the district had been facing a Diptheria outbreak and she is worried her children had caught it but it turns out to be Rubella. Valerie and Maureen take the time to make up for the arguments they have had and end up on better terms.

Maureens real story begins when she gets pregnant with her third child, she really wants it to be on the 12th of August, her father and grandfathers birthday, neither of them got to meet her children so it would be a special connection they would have. When the nurses don’t agree to giving her castor oil she decides to take matters into her own hands, though she soon discovers the consequences of it (those consequences being horrible diarrhoea). But she gets her wish and gives birth to a baby boy delivered by Valerie and Lucille, she and her husband Charlie name him Warren.

The joy is short lived as after a few days Nurse Anderson notices something wrong with his heart. Dr Turner soon arranges for Warren to go into hospital, Maureen begins panicking and crying. When Warren gets to the hospital he is in an incubator and Maureen is trembling until Charlie arrives. The parents aren’t allowed to see their baby. Warren is soon diagnosed with congenital rubella syndrome, something Maureen picked up several months ago from her children.

Maureen and Charlie are heartbroken and want their son to come home to them, they think Warren coming home will help him and maybe even make him better but Dr Turner has to tell them that won’t be the case and the prognosis is that Warren will have weeks to live. Maureen and Charlie do all they can to make Warrens weeks as happy and comfortable as possible, they act as happy as they can around their other two children and encourage them to show Warren how much fun it is to be a Bryant. But underneath they are distraught that their son will never have a full life and all the plans would come to nothing.

Nevertheless they still make the most of every moment they are given with Warren, they decide to throw a party for him. After the party is over and Nurse Lucille Anderson takes photos of him the family of five share a bed for the night but when Maureen wakes up she finds that Warren had died in the night. She and Charlie are seen looking over the bed not moving, just staring numbly. In the end the flower exhibition is held in Poplar and Sister Monica Joan organises a baby show as they are the flowers of Raymond Nonnatus, a photograph of Warren is put where he could not be. Her youngest child while having a short life would live forever on the air.