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Maurice Glennon is a patient of Nonnatus House.


Mr Maurice Glennon is a devoted father and husband who wishes to take care of his family. He is adamant to get back to work even though he is sick with both a back injury and later a rare tropical disease.


Series 3:[]

Mr Glennon appears in series 3 episode 6 when Patsy is placed on the district nursing round and is sent to Mr Glennon. He is originally diagnosed and treated for a fractured vertebra in his spine. He states that another Nonnatus House nurse (most likely Chummy due to details in the episode) treated previously. However, he later displays unusual symptoms and then Nurse Mount sees that Mr Glennon has scars on his legs and due to her own experience in a Prisoner of War camp as a child, she asks Mr Glennon and he reveals in several stages throughout the episode that during the war, he was a prisoner of war in Burma, he built 260 miles of railway along with the other prisoners. He says that he was forced to eat rats and flies and that they would quote "fight over a grain of rice"



We see his wife, Doreen and his daughter Gillian in the episode. He also briefly mentions his mother.


  • It is stated that he was a craine operator and fell off the ladder resulting in a back injury


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