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Mavis Hollier is an expectant mother pregnant with her second child. She is played by Bronwyn James.


Mavis is featured in the 2018 Christmas Special. She has one son, Russell, who was delivered by Trixie. When Trixie visits Mavis at her flat, she is surprised to discover she has decided to go into hospital for her new baby, saying that her sister told her they treated her like the Queen when she had her daughter Lorraine. Mavis later goes to St. Cuthbert's along with her husband Bobby, expecting to be admitted, but after hours of waiting, the Ward Sister tells Bobby that they have managed to accommodate Mavis under the Emergency Bed Service at St. Jolyon's, but they'll have to wait an hour for an ambulance. Mavis is angry and says she's not staying there, and she grumbles to Bobby "My sister said they treated her like a queen".

On their way home, Mavis goes into labour. They reach a phone box, and Bobby tries to call a taxi, but the phone is busted, so Mavis tells him to go to Nonnatus House and get a midwife. Bobby tells her he doesn't know where it is, and she snaps "It's next door to the school, you stupid article!". Bobby rushes to Nonnatus House and pounds frantically on the door whilst ringing the doorbell. He leads Trixie, Valerie, and Lucille to Mavis, and the three women help Mavis give birth to a baby boy. Later at the The Maternity Home, she names her son Nicholas.

The next day, Mavis complains to Phyllis that she's hurting down below. Dr. Turner examines her and says she has a vaginal haematoma, a massive collection of blood under the skin that is about the size of a tangerine. Mavis also begins fretting because she doesn't have a tree yet and hasn't wrapped the presents. Dr. Turner drains the haematoma, and he gives Bobby the silver Christmas tree he's had since Angela's first Christmas so Mavis can concentrate on getting better. Trixie, Valerie, and Lucille later bring Mavis the presents and some wrapping paper so she can wrap them, and she thanks them.