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Miss E. Dawkins is the headmistress of St Wilburs, the primary school adjacent to Nonnatus House. She was played by Kate Copeland.


Little is known about her but it is known her first name begins with E. she is first seen when Nurse Barbara Gilbert notices a pregnant woman who speaks no English, she is concerned for the woman as she is not known to be in the books at Nonnatus. Miss Dawkins gives Barbara their information and tells her that son Faruk will be able to translate so not to go in the day until term was over. Barbara assumed the family where Indian but Miss Dawkins corrects her as they were in fact Sylheti, Barbara thanks her for letting her know so she didn’t get off on the wrong foot.

Miss Dawkins is next seen in Series 5 when she summoned teacher Miss Whitmore to her office, she was informed by Miss Whitmore’s former landlady, not content with kicking her out of her house was determined to ruin her life, that she was pregnant with a baby fathered by a married man. As Miss Dawkins expects all her staff to be of moral character she fires her and denies her request to stay until the end of term. Sister Winifred begins teaching the class for the rest of term until a replacement was found.

She is last seen in Series 6 when she was reading a story to the younger children at the school. One of the pupils Mickey Watts was meant to be taken to the opticians to have his eyes tested by Nurse Barbara Gilbert but she says his father Lester collected him. Little did she know Mickey and his mother Trudy were being abused by Lester and the midwives found them a place in a hostel.

Miss Dawkins was not seen from then on but her school continues to appear in the series and is visited by the midwives, and her members of staff there include Miss Graham, Miss Lewis and Mr Wetherby.