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Miss Graham is a teacher at the local primary school close to Nonnatus House. She was played by Emilia Williams.


Miss Graham teaches the last class before students leave to go to secondary school. One of her pupils is a little boy called Terry Bowland. As she is talking to her class about the eleven plus exams - the test that will determine if they go to a grammar school - Sister Hilda walks in and asks about little girl Aufiyah Ahmed. Miss Graham says she hasn’t seen her in two weeks and calmly says she probably just moved on, clearly being used to that sort of thing happening. Terry had his head on his desk and she tells him to pay attention, not noticing that something was off. It turned out Terry had diptheria and was rushed into hospital, luckily he makes a recovery and was able to take the test and passed.

Miss Graham is next seen in the next episode when Sister Hilda and herself were checking the class for nits, one girl Marnie Atkins has them. She shows herself to be strict but not uncaring when she allows her brother Lenny to take her back to her classroom, Miss Graham knows that both Lenny and Marnie would be back with nits as they were in care, the sister asks about the mother and Miss Graham tells her that their mother Tina, a prostitute was around but it never worked out when they went back with her, she puts it down to classic neglect clearly having seen cases in her students like that before in Poplar.

She is seen again in the episode after that when she was with her class growing sunflowers. Phyllis Crane was at the school to check the children’s vaccinations, when there she meets two brothers who recently arrived from Pakistan Rahul and Jalal so were only learning English. Miss Graham sees Nurse Crane out of the school, she explains she had only heard of their mother that day and the two wonder if she even came with them to England, Miss Graham explains their father brought them the first day but otherwise they go on their own. It turns out their mother had an infection and father had left, thankfully the midwives and Dr Turner get her medical help and the father realises he was wrong and moves back home.

She is next seen in Series 11 when Sister Hilda shows her some brochures, when there she suggests new student Colette go and get fresh air before the end of playtime. Sister Hilda was worried she had chicken pox as it was going around in the district but Miss Graham says she had been tired and lethargic since she joined them. Colette eventually settles in however.