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Mother Terence C.R.C.R.O (Previously Sister Terence) is the mother superior at Fatima Lodge and an Irish Catholic nun, working alongside Sister Philomena, Sister Ambrose, Sister Mary, Sister Paul and formerly Sister Agnes Mary, she appears at Fatima Lodge when Nancy Corrigan arrives to see her daughter, Colette. She was portrayed by Anne Kavanagh.


Mother Terence brings Nancy Corrigan into her office, Mother Terence begins the conversation by saying that it was somewhat untoward and reminds her that she is welcome to visit once a month and by prior arrangement, telling Nancy she has not made an arrangement. Nancy says that she may make up her own rules but they are not the same as the laws in the outside world, she then asks Nancy rather cynically if she speaks as an authority, to which Nancy replies that she speaks as someone who's knowledge is growing all the time and tells her that she has found out all sorts of things such as social workers and children's officers, either one could enforce her right to see her daughter whenever she wants or wishes. Mother Terence sternly reminds her that as long as she leaves Colette in their care, she is Nancy's sister, not her daughter, for those are the terms to which they agreed and she is to abide by those terms for the good of Colette or she will not be permitted to see her at all. Still Nancy goes to see Colette and finds her in the play room, Sister Mary is supervising her and when she sees Nancy, she merrily says “Look who’s here, Colette” and she is more than happy to see her “Big sister” Nancy sits down and tells Colette she has brought her favourite sweets, Sister Mary goes to get some juice, as she is leaving Nancy tells Colette to take off her cardigan, she does so, revealing a number of bruises on her arm, Nancy is furious and suspects that the nuns are abusing her. She brings Colette to the office but Mother Terence dismisses it as “discipline and that children just play roughly it is in their nature” Nancy irritated replies that Colette told her one of the nuns did it and wouldn't tell her which one and says it hurts her more than the bruises because it means Colette is petrified like she was.

Mother Terence tells her it is not inconceivable that Colette and Nancy share certain traits and unacceptable behaviour must always be corrected. Nancy asks her who decides what's unacceptable, to which Mother Terence says in the abscense of anyone going to bring up Colette yes! Angry, Nancy darkly tells her she has never been absent and if Colette is such a trouble to the nuns from now she'll bring her up herself and they leave, leaving a gobsmacked Mother Terence behind.

A vexed Mother Terence is last seen being telephoned by Sister Hilda, asking if Nancy visited, Mother Terence replies she took Colette with her without their permission and without so much of a change of clothes, Sister Hilda equally vexed asks if she told her where she was going. To which Mother Terence she intimated all manner of plans for herself and indeed for the child. Sister Hilda told her Nancy left Nonnatus House yesterday and took absolutely nothing with her. Mother Terence finishes by saying Once again Nancy had put herself at risk and has done what she has always done, she had gone in pursuit of the things that she desires and slams the phone down.