Call the Midwife Wiki

Mr. Mount was the father of Nurse Patsy Mount, he was a ships broker who travelled the world allowing him to offer his wife and children a privileged life travelling.  


His first daughter Patience called Patsy was born in Shanghai, China and he had another daughter called Elisabeth. The family were living in Singapore in the early 1940s, Singapore was invaded by the Japanese in World War 2 and the Mounts were sent to Japanese internments camps, Mr Mount was separated from his wife and daughters and had to live in unimaginably awful conditions. Mrs Mount and his daughter Elisabeth died of disease and malnutrition, but Patsy survived and the two reunited after their liberation.  

Patsy moved permanently to England to work as a nurse and later midwife, her helping out in the prison camp hospital presumably influencing her decision, While Mr Mount made his life in Hong Kong. It is unknown if Mr Mount was aware of the fact that his daughter was a lesbian and in a relationship with fellow nurse Delia Busby.  

Around 1962 Mr Mount developed a neurodegenerative disease, it left him paralysed and he didn’t have long to live. He wanted his only remaining child to come to him, but she didn’t want to leave Delia, and she was so afraid she closed her heart to him afraid of the devastation of losing him. But in the end she decided she needed to go to him, she was all her father wanted in his final days. Patsy made it to Hong Kong and remained with him until his death, his daughter became the only member of his immediate family left but she returned to the family she found in England the day after his funeral.