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Mr Franklin was the father of Nurse Beatrix Aylward, he worked as a bank manager mainly posted to the London outskirts. But when war gripped Great Britain he went off to fight but came back with the horrors of war in his mind.  


Mr Franklin and his wife had three children, two sons called Geoffrey and Ronald and a daughter Beatrix who was better known as Trixie. Little is known of his relationship to each of his children, but it is known that when war broke out Mr Franklin like most men in his country had to go and fight.  

According to his daughter Mr Franklin returned with what would today be recognised as post traumatic stress disorder, though it was then called shellshock or battle fatigue, though his wife just called it the horrors. He had nightmares all his life and screamed in the night. His wife looked after him at night and in the day it fell to Geoffrey and Trixie to light up the room to make him smile. Mr Franklin also drank, he was implied to be an alcoholic as his daughter Trixie would go on to be and like her father she at first insisted she didn’t have a problem with drink.  

Having to help her father inspired his daughter to go into nursing and she also became a midwife, Geoffrey became and osteopath and went to live in Malta. Mr Franklin is implied to have died some years before the start of the series, Geoffrey said he was in training for walking his sister down the aisle on her wedding day for 20 years meaning he likely died in the late 1940s meaning Trixie lost her father at a young age.