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Mr Higgins was the father of Millicent Higgins, he and his wife died in an air raid in 1941.  


Mr and Mrs Higgins lived in East Finchley and had one daughter Millicent, the Higgins would appear to be literary fans as they gave their daughter the middle name Trilby after the novel by George Du Maurier. He was in the Indian Civil Service and he and his family went to live in British India also known as the Raj when his daughter was young, they left when she was 10 but according to her, her father instilled in her a sense of order that stood in her good stead well into her later years.  

Mr Higgins saw his daughter return India after the first world war, she was part of what was known as the fishing fleet, fishing for husbands as so many young men lost their lives after the war. When there, though she never told Mr Higgins or his wife she met a man called Krishnan Chaudri and had his child, a baby boy whose adoptive parents called Victor. It can be assumed Mr Higgins never found out about his grandson after his daughter returned to England.  

Mr and Mrs Higgins died in an air raid in 1941, one of the few things to make it out of their house was a small Christmas tree their daughter kept. Mr Higgins had either a brother or brother-in-law who moved to Canada, as he was never able to visit their graves he planted a rose bush as a memorial to them both.