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Mrs. Busby is the mother of Delia Busby, while she loves her daughter she is very controlling and has issues in remembering Delia is a grown woman who can make her own decisions.


Mrs Busby married Mr Busby who had a drapers shop and had a daughter called Delia, the family lived in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Delia decided to train as a nurse and got a job on male surgical. When there she met Nurse Patsy Mount and the two began a secret relationship as lesbians were not accepted in the 1950s. Delia chose not to tell her parents of her relationship and as far as Mrs Busby knew Patsy was just a friend who Delia helped at cub scouts. Until one day after Delia and Patsy moved into a flat together Delia was hit by a moving van on her way to work.

Mr and Mrs Busby were called over to London, Delia had lost her memory and had seizures, when there she meets Patsy she has no idea of the true nature of their relationship. Delia does not recognise either Patsy or her own mother which brings her to tears knowing that her cariad (Welsh for love) doesn’t recognise her. The specialist suggests that Delia is sent home to Wales for the time being, it was unknown if the seizures and memory loss were permanent or temporary. The Busby’s didn’t own a telephone so Patsy could only write.

The Busby women

Mrs Busby with her daughter Delia

As it turns out Delia’s memory loss was temporary and she stopped having the seizures, she and her mother were visiting London around Christmas time. Patsy, who was on the bus, is driven past them, at first Mrs Busby is worried Delia is having a “spell” as she calls them. Between Christmas and Easter her daughter is given a clean bill of health and the two go to meet Patsy at a café where Mrs Busby decides she doesn’t want Delia to take up her job again and decides she would be going home to Wales despite Delia’s protests. Patsy tries to tell Delia she is twenty four and Delia says her mother told her “and it’s only by the grace of god you’ll see twenty five” but Mrs Busby does agree to go to lunch at Nonnatus House. Sister Julienne offers Delia the chance to lodge at Nonnatus House and Mrs Busby reluctantly agrees.

Patsy and Delia decide to go to Paris and asks Mrs Busby to bring Delia’s birth certificate so they can apply to a passport. They meet her at the café and Mrs Busby is shocked to find out Delia is going to Paris and that she intends to train as a midwife which she disparagingly calls nasty to Patsy’s face. Mrs Busby however accepts that Delia is a grown woman and that she can bare it if she upsets her, but tells her not to do anything to make her dad cry. Hinting that she has figured out the true nature of her daughter and Patsy’s relationship. Mrs Busby is not seen after that but her daughter and Patsy go travelling together and move to Scotland and get a dog called Garbo.


Don't you mam me, I'm your mother! -to her daughter after telling her she won't be returning to work

I can bear it if you upset me. I'm your mam, and you're a grown woman. Just don't do anything to make your dad cry.-To her dauhter after giving her her birth certificate.