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Mrs Gilbert is the late wife of Arthur Gilbert and the mother of Barbara Hereward and her sister Margaret.


Mrs Gilbert was married to Arthur Gilbert, a vicar and had two daughters Barbara and Margaret. The family while middle class grew up in Liverpool surrounded by poverty of parishioners. According to Barbara her parents had a happy marriage for a long time. Her daughter Barbara decided she was going to be a nurse and trained as a midwife to go work in the East End of London.  

In Series 5 Barbara writes a letter home to her parents meaning Mrs Gilbert was alive in 1961 though by the time of her daughter's wedding in Series 6 she is nowhere and Barbara mentions Arthur and her were so happy for so many years meaning Mrs Gilbert died between those points. Meaning Mrs Gilbert missed her daughters' weddings and the birth of her first grandchild as her daughter Margaret was pregnant and risked going into labour before Barbara's wedding. Though she also didn't have to go through the death of her daughter, Barbara to septicaemia.