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Mrs Miller is the mother of Sister Mary Cynthia.  


Mrs Miller had two children, a daughter named Cynthia and a younger son who was born with water on the brain (medical term hydrocephalus) and he died at a young age, but for the time he was alive he was with his family as Mrs Miller wouldn’t put him in a home and told her daughter to stare back at anyone who stared at them. According to Cynthia when he died was when the family realised how much he really mattered. Her daughter went off to train as a midwife and worked in the east end of London delivering babies.  

When one of her daughters colleagues Chummy Noakes was expecting a baby Mrs Miller sent baby clothes that Cynthia and her little brother wore. Mrs Miller told her daughter the buttons on the cardigans originally came from her wedding dress, though Chummy accidentally crunched them.  

Possibly Mr and Mrs Miller

Her daughter decided to become a nun in the 2014 Christmas Special, Cynthia knew she needed to tell her parents face to face of that news. When Cynthia, soon to be Sister Mary Cynthia was about to depart for the mother house on new years eve a man and woman were seen with the nuns singing hymns, possibly Mrs Miller and her husband. Sister Mary Cynthia didn’t always think she’d be a nun, both Mrs Miller and her imagined her in a wedding dress one day, while Sister Mary Cynthia had no regrets about her path she did feel a bit sad for her mother never getting to be mother of the bride.

Her daughter had a history of mental instability and was sent to a mental hospital in Birmingham, Mrs Miller was likely kept informed of what was happening with her daughter.