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Muriel is a young mother with four children. The birth of her youngest child was Jenny's first delivery as a qualified midwife. She is portrayed by Sarah Ridgeway.


Muriel gives birth to her fourth child at home with the aid of Sister Evangelina, Nurse Jennifer Lee, and her mother at 23 years old. When the nurses arrive, she proudly announces that she had already shaved that morning. When Sister Evangelina asks if she has already "given [herself] an enema to boot", Muriel's face turns in disgust. She tells Sister Evangelina that an enema is not dignified and that she does not want one. However, she receives one anyway. When Jenny brings the aftermath outside, Muriel's husband asks the nurses to give him the placenta after the baby is delivered so he can use it on his allotment as fertilizer.

When Muriel's water breaks, Jenny and Sister Evangelina turn her to change the sheets and Jenny learns about the practice of putting down newspaper to save the mattress that is common in the East End. Jenny is taken aback and hesitates in changing the sheets, for which she is scolded by Sister Evangelina. After Jenny discards the paper, Muriel calls her over and reassures her, telling her to "stick by me love, I'm an old hand".

Jenny takes over directing Muriel's labour when it is time for her to push. She gives birth to a son, but before they can do anything else, the chimney bursts with soot and all of the women become covered. Thankfully, Sister Evangelina quickly covers Muriel's son with a towel and he is untouched, already fast asleep.

Later, Muriel has a tense discussion with Pearl Winston at the antenatal clinic. She shows off her son in a nice white and blue knit outfit and hat. She clearly thinks Pearl is disheveled and looks unhappy to be speaking to her. She points out that Pearl's youngest child peed on the floor, which Pearl dismisses. When Pearl goes in for her examination, she stamps her cigarette on the ground and asks Muriel to watch her children for her.