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Nadine Mulvaney is an expectant mother who has returned to Poplar after working as a stripper, at first she wants to give her baby away to be adopted but when meeting her baby she begins to reconsider. She was played by Tamla Kari.


Nadine is a young woman as a stripper, however she is in her last trimester of pregnancy and her bump is showing. Because of that her performances were seen as “all tease and no flamin’ strip” to the regulars who were getting bored. Her boss Sonia is unimpressed with her performing in her mink coat that she never takes off, Sonia decides to let her go from her job and when Nadine asks for two more weeks Sonia compares her to a man begging when he thinks he’s in with a change of “what they want” and refuses to pay her off, but promises her she can come back if she doesn’t keep the baby, citing it as a decent steady living.

Nadine goes to live in Poplar where she grew up, getting herself lodgings and begins attending the Nonnatus House maternity clinic at the Iris Knight Institute where she gets stares from other mothers. The midwife who sees to her is Nurse Trixie Franklin who says she envies her sensational mink coat, Trixie also notes that her blood group is rhesus negative which could cause complications if her baby inherited a rhesus positive blood group from its father, but such problems don’t affect first pregnancies. Nadine says that the baby was her first, but also that she didn’t know the fathers phone number or name so never mind blood group.

When making a home visit Trixie tells Nadine that she has a couple of weeks to decide on a home or hospital birth but recommended the hospital or a maternity home. But Nadine said she’s been on her own all through the pregnancy and would still be alone in home or hospital, she also said she didn’t see the point in giving the baby a name if it would just get a new one upon adoption.

Nadine goes into labour quicker than expected and Trixie is called to the scene. Nadine is worried that the labour would go on for days but Trixie assures her no one allows labour to go on for days anymore and that her cervix was dilating nicely so she could expect her baby in a few hours. Nadine admits when in labour that she was pregnant before and had to have a backstreet abortion, likening her aborted foetus to a little bright red doll. This worries Trixie as it wasn’t her first pregnancy but Nadine didn’t understand because it was her first baby, however there may be rhesus complications after all.

When Nadine is lying on the bed Trixie finds out that her baby is breech, it would come out bottom first. Trixie decides to call in assistance, that assistance came in the form of Nonnatus houses newest nurse Lucille Anderson, Nadine’s baby would be her first delivery. Nadine’s labour continues and a foot comes out, then another and then both arms, Nurse Anderson needed to apply suprapubic pressure (a technique used to release a baby’s impacted shoulder) and the baby is born. The baby is a girl and despite being scared to, holds her daughter. However because Nadine was in fact on her second pregnancy they need to be brought into the maternity home.

When at the maternity home she is given stitches which she likens to riding on a bacon slicer. When there she is seen to Nurse Valerie Dyer, Valerie wasn’t just a midwife but taught toddler tap and baby ballet at Madame Edith’s School of Dance (madame Edith being her retired aunt who moved to Frinton). Nadine excitedly says she went to Madame Edith’s and said that it was the first place she felt like she was good at something. Valerie touches the baby girl and sees signs of jaundice, the baby is taken to hospital and needed to be sent to St Cuthberts for an exchange transfusion and Nadine wouldn’t be allowed to go with her.

Nadine decides to name her daughter Elizabeth, saying she found it smart and respectable and that she was going to keep her baby who was going to be discharged in a week or two. Nadine then says that when letting her daughter in she tore her open, her whole self which she didn’t even know she had until Elizabeth came along.

Nadine returns to her old place of work to get her wages for the last shows she did. She also tells Sonia that she sold her mink and that she was going to buy Madame Edith’s School of Dance, when given her wages Sonia tells her not to forget her self respect on the way out, and Nadine replies with “this is my self respect”. Nadine is last seen with Valerie putting up a poster for her dancing classes, renaming the school Miss Nadine’s School of Dance.

Though Nadine is an unmarried mother her business does well and is mentioned several times from then on, including when Fred Buckle and Reggie Jackson plan a horticultural show in S09 E06 and the school do a country dancing exhibition garden, though Nadine herself never appeared in any of those episodes. In the 2021 Christmas Special, her daughter Elizabeth is chosen to be one of the bridal attendants for the wedding of Nurse Lucille Anderson who helped deliver her. She met her outside the church with another four boys and girls Lucille delivered, Nadine made Elizabeth’s outfit and said that she would never forget her. Nadine was most likely also in attendance at the wedding.

Nadine and Shelagh Turner were meant to be organising the may pole celebration in S12 E02 however Nadine was rushed into hospital, she needed to have an ovary removed because of ovarian torsion. Violet Buckle was away in Jersey at that time so it was just Shelagh left to organise the celebration which she did and the dancing school had a very good event.