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Nancy Parry is the younger sister of Lois Parry and the younger daughter of Bronwyn Parry. She was portrayed by Jadie Rose Hobson.


Nancy’s sister Lois has been newly diagnosed with testicular feminisation syndrome, when she comes home, their mother tells Nancy to show Lois the wedding invitations saying that there so fancy, but Lois shocked by her diagnosis declines, saying she will look at them later. Lois finally comes clear to her family about her diagnosis after breaking her engagement, whilst their mother in a rage goes to Nonnatus House, Nancy is later seen entering her sister’s bedroom with a cup of tea, but to her horror she finds her sister unconscious, having taken a dose of pills in order to take her own life, Nancy screams for her mother to come and her tells her to call an ambulance and Nancy rushes off.

Nancy and Bronwyn are later seen at St. Cuthbert’s, thankfully Lois is saved after her stomach is pumped, Nancy is last seen at home with her mother and sister after Lois has been discharged and they promise to support Lois.