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Northfield Hospital is a hospital in Birmingham, known to be gentle and therapeutic to the patients not at all like mental hospitals such as Linchmere, two major cast members Dr Patrick Turner and Sister Mary Cynthia have been treated there.  


After Patrick Turner had a breakdown in Italy when serving in the second world war and was returned to England where he stayed at Northfields for five months, getting better though his war neurosis did not go for good and he nearly had a relapse in 1960. A long running member of staff would appear to be Nurse Barrington who everyone just called Barry, Patrick recognised her when he drove Sister Mary Cynthia to begin her stay at Northfield, it was located in the countryside and had a gentle atmosphere surrounding it though the interior of the hospital was never shown onscreen. A hospital like this was something Sister Mary Cynthia desperately needed as the year before she was brutally attacked in the streets and had struggled ever since. She was welcomed by Barry and asked to just be called Cynthia. It is unknown whether she returned to the Mother House, remains there or something else entirely happened,