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Pardeep Singh is the husband of Cilla Singh, the two are happy together but Pardeep wants to give Cilla and their unborn baby a better life but an unjust society will not give it to them.


Pardeep is a South Asian immigrant who came to Poplar, at some point he and Cilla fell in love and decided to marry against the wishes of her mother and the two stopped speaking. Pardeep worked at a factory job and was noticed as a good worker, he and Cilla live in less than ideal circumstances with lots of other men. Pardeep can’t help but feel he should be offering the pregnant Cilla a better life, especially since she left her parents for him, but Cilla never turns away from him.

As it happens Pardeep’s mother in law Enid Wilson is also pregnant and the pair both attend the Nonnatus House clinic at the Iris Knight Institute. Unfortunately because Pardeep’s job pays little they don’t have enough money for baby supplies, Pardeep got his hands on a cot and the two were trying to save up for a pram. Nurse Shelagh Turner arranges for them to be given a pram but Pardeep doesn’t want them to rely on charity, he thinks he should be able to provide. It turns out Pardeep was hoping for a promotion at his factory but his boss wanted to keep the Indians on the manual jobs as they work harder for less money.

A bad day becomes worse when Enid comes to visit and insults their home, she invites Cilla to come home to live with her but the invitation didn’t extend to Pardeep and Cilla refuses. Cilla is brought to The Maternity Home for observation as she shows worrying signs and Enid is also staying there as she is an older mother. Cilla is diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia (then known as Toxaemia) a condition Pardeep hadn’t heard of but Enid tells him she had it and nearly died because of it, a worried Pardeep wants to see his wife. Cilla is put under sedation and gives birth to a baby boy while Pardeep prays for her survival.

Sister Julienne lets him meet his son, he says his son is the answer to his prayers. He tearfully thanks the sisters for saving his wife and child. In the night Enid takes care of her grandson while Cilla is at the hospital. Cilla is soon discharged and the family of three is together for the first time, the proud grandparents arrive and almost losing her daughter makes Enid come to her senses. Enid then asks her husband Charlie if the underground where still looking for drivers.

Pardeep is hired and the married couple move in with Enid and Charlie, Enid gives birth to a baby girl with Cilla at her side. The now united family is last seen with the two fathers getting ready for their first day of work together, their wives seeing them off with their new babies.