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The Parish Hall is the site of Nonnatus House's weekly antenatal clinics in Series 1 and 2 before its foundation is compromised by a bomb blast in the 2013 Christmas Special and is replaced by the Iris Knight Institute up until series 11 as it is replaced by Florence hall.


The parish hall was the location of the Nonnatus House antenatal clinic, they held clinic there every Tuesday. It was likely associated with All Saint's Church to be used for charitable purposes and activities like the pensioners luncheon club and dancing lessons before which were before and after the clinic respectively. The nurses and nuns had the use of the hall from 2-5pm and in that time would check the health of either the pregnant woman or her newborn infant and give them advice on how to be healthy in pregnancy. They would also give some classes on health such as a demonstration for gas and air and they tried to demonstrate the benefits of barrier contraceptive methods (or Johnnies as they were called). The clinic was open in a very different time as outside mothers would leave their children outside in prams and would smoke during examinations, compared to later series the clinic was also much more filled up as the contraceptive pill had not been launched so the district averaged nearly 100 babies a month. The clinic itself had a section for the midwives to sit and test samples like urine and wash their equipment, it also had a smaller play area for children of expectant mothers but was mostly lined with chairs and cubicles. It was a trusted facility for the district until an unexploded bomb was found around Christmas 1958 and was detonated taking Nonnatus House with it. Not long after the parish hall was knocked down and the Nonnatus staff had to shuffle around the district until they found a new venue for their clinic, the Iris Knight Institute.