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Paulette Rolland was a patient who appeared in Series 4, Episode 6. She was portrayed by Nell Hudson.


Paulette was diagnosed with diabetes as a child, and has been managing her condition for several years. She began a relationship with a local boy named Vaughan at some point, but kept it secret since her parent's don't approve of him or his family. Nurse Crane meets Paulette during a home visit to check her insulin levels and teach her how to do her shots herself. She later sneaks out of her house to meet with Vaughan while her mother is away. Nurse Crane comes over the next day to find Paulette sick, and suspects her to be suffering from morning sickness. Her pregnancy is later confirmed through a urine test Nurse Crane secretly ordered.

After breaking the news to Paulette and her mother, Dr. Turner is brought in to explain that her situation is very dangerous given her health. He goes on to say that Paulette would be allowed to have a medically induced abortion, but she refuses and runs out. After telling Vaughan, the two agree they want to get married and keep the baby.

The next day, Nurse Crane tells Paulette and her mother that she will be referred to a doctor that specializes in legal terminations. Paulette is still upset at the thought of ending her pregnancy; even after Nurse Crane tells her it could endanger both her and the child's life. Vaughan arrives in hopes of speaking to Paulette's mother, is refused despite Paulette's protests.

Paulette is taken to the hospital by her mother, but escapes with Vaughan soon after. They attempt to spend the nights in the woods before Paulette's blood sugar becomes low. Vaughan steals a car to bring her back to Poplar. Doctor Turner and several midwives are able to help Paulette, but Vaughan is arrested for the car theft. She decides to go through with the termination, and is comforted by her mother that will she will have a baby one day.