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Pauline Brettell (née Carnie) is a character in Call the Midwife. She is played by Lisa Stevenson.


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Pauline Brettell is the daughter of Dorothy Carnie. When her mother died from injuries sustained in a train crash, Pauline was given her things and found a blood-stained cap and wimple amongst them. Realizing her mother had been with one of the Sisters from Nonnatus House, of whom she was very fond, she tried to clean the cap and wimple as best she could before taking them to Nonnatus House. While there, Sister Frances tells her about Carole Reece, an underaged mother who just had a stillborn baby, and Pauline says the baby can be buried in her mother's coffin with her as she loved babies.

Sister Frances later brings Carole to meet Pauline. Pauline tells Carole that she's sorry for her loss, and Carole returns the sentiment and gives her some flowers.