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Pearl Davidson is a Northern Irish woman having recently moved to Poplar with her family in the hopes of making a new start, but Pearls family turns out to be very unlucky in their new home.


The Davidson family were a protestant family from Northern Ireland, seeing no future there they move to London to open up a shop. Her family is made up of her, her husband Terry, son Alastair and daughter hazel, she was also pregnant. Pearls son Alastair is worried they’d end up living in the catholic part but her husband Terry explains to him that there were no such divides in London. On arriving at their new home the Davidsons meet Fred Buckle, who says as long as he sells the sporting life they’d be best of chums. Pearl surprises Terry with a plaque reading proprietor T Davidson and son.

Pearl and the children make a start in the shop while Terry goes out to get chips. On his way back Terry is killed in a car accident, Pearl is told of the news by Reverend Tom Hereward. Terrys death leaves Pearl a pregnant widow with two young children in a new country with a business to run. Fred Buckle offers to go to the funeral but Pearl politely declines, saying it was a family funeral.

Due to Pearl having to run the shop on her own she can’t go to the maternity clinic, so she is referred for home visits by Dr Turner. Dr Turner tells to let the midwife know if she is struggling, but Pearl is adamant she is capable. Th midwife assigned to Pearl was Nurse Barbara Hereward, as Nurse Hereward examines her she finds the baby is big and kicks a lot. The flat Pearl hopes to deliver in is approved for home delivery, Nurse Hereward recommends getting rid of the boxes she had around the flat, Pearl explains they were full of Terrys stuff, she offers to help Pearl go through them as she was a curates wife and experienced with helping people through rough moments.

When helping Pearl, Barbara gently mentions the thought of going back to Ireland but Pearl knew there was no future for them there. Though she admits she never would have made the move without him, she credits Terry with her bravery. But she didn’t think she was brave anymore and she confessed to hating Terry for leaving her in another country with not a penny in the bank, but she breaks down into tears, hating the fact she hates the man she’s loved all her life.

During the night Nurse Barbara and Nurse Phyllis Crane see that the Davidson shop has caught fire and the family live above. Phyllis rushes in to rescue them while Barbara calls the fire brigade. Phyllis is able to rescue the family by covering them all with blankets and running out through the front, she family is taken to an ambulance. The family is unharmed and are taken to Tom and Barbara’s cottage to spend the night, however Pearl ends up going into labour, she sobs through is as last two times Terry was there bombarding the midwife with questions. She gives birth to a baby girl, Dr Turner arrives at the cottage and it turns out to be twins, the second baby is a boy.

Pearl is taken to the maternity home with the baby twins, she is told of the fire damage and faces the fact she might lose her children. Barbara and Phyllis arrange a haul of clothes for the babies and the older two, whilst Fred Buckle repairs the shop. Pearl is reunited with her two eldest children and throws a party at the flat attended by Tom and the Buckles, Barbara can’t attend as she is ill (an illness that turns out to be meningococcal septicaemia, which ends up proving fatal to her). Pearl asks Fred to put up the plaque she made before, in the hopes that her son Terry Davidson junior would want the shop as Alastair decided he wanted to be an astronaut. And if Terry had a son it would all turn out perfect.