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Peggy Hobson was apart of the Nonnatus House staff. She has a brother named Frank Hobson.

As a young girl, she and her brother Frank were orphaned and because they had no other family, they were sent to the workhouses. The workhouses were notoriously dreadful places where abuse, disease and death were a natural part of daily life. Peggy was subject to abuse of an unknown nature, and it is implied that Frank was able to escape sooner than his sister. When Frank found Peggy, he worked "day and night" to raise enough money to set her free from the workhouse, and once she was free, they never parted again.

At some point after the workhouse, Peggy and Frank began an incestuous relationship. Their love ran deep and even after Frank died, Peggy could not bear to continue living without him and committed suicide with Frank's morphine, dying beside his dead body.

When she discovered the nature of their relationship, Jenny Lee was disgusted and brought the information to her fellow nurses who were equally appalled. Sister Evangelina was the one who scolded the younger nurses, saying that Frank and Peggy's love is what kept them alive all these years.