Peter Noakes is married to Chummy and father to Freddy. He is portrayed by Ben Caplan.

Overview Edit

Peter and Chummy first met in Series One, Episode Two when she was trying to learn to ride her bicycle and accidentally crashed into him. During the course of the first series, their relationship progresses smoothly until Chummy breaks up with him due to pressure from her upper-class mother who clearly doesn't approve of her daughter dating a lowly policeman. However, Chummy finally decides to follow her heart and, defying her mother, marries Peter in the first series finale.

In Season Two, Chummy decides to pursue work as a missionary in Sierra Leone and Peter goes with her. When they return to Poplar in the penultimate episode of Season Two, Chummy is pregnant. In the Season Two finale, Chummy gives birth to their son Freddy.

In the 2014 Christmas special, Peter takes his Sergeant's exam, but has failed twice already and is afraid of failing again. However he passes on his third attempt.

Trivia Edit

  • Peter is one of only two people - the other being Chummy's mother - who calls Chummy by her given name, Camilla.
  • Before meeting Chummy, Peter had tried dating other women, but realized that he had nothing in common with stereotypical women after a girl got offended that he hadn't noticed how she'd done her eyebrows. It was not until he met Chummy that he realized that not all women like the same things.[citation needed]
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